Bog-Hubert’s Cousin’s Solution

Bog-Hubert’s Black Sheep Cousin (some friends Abbé Boulah is hanging out with, it really makes you to wonder sometimes…) made this prediction — or suggestion? — in the Fog Island Tavern:

“Hey folks, let’s all take our stimulus money, buy some cheap property in one of those central American places they keep advertising, where we can live like lords on the cheap. Meanwhile, we’ll just open the borders, — save a ton of money — give everybody who wants to come in temporary residence for ten or fifteen or twenty years, whatever it will take for them to do the work, fix this country up, and pay the taxes that are needed to pay off the federal debt. Then we give’m the Central American places back — by then we’ll have screwed them up just like we did the Florida and California Coast — and move back…”

Did we see the senator in the tavern slink off with a very thoughtful frown on his face…?

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